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SaniClean Sanitary Inline Strainers (and Filters) are available in both short and long models. Available from 1″ – 4″ line sizes. A clamped connection is standard but we also offer I-Line, Bevel Seat, or Butt Weld connections if you prefer.

The strainer’s housing can be fitted with any one of (4) media options: a Perforated Core (Back-Up Tube) for coarse straining, a Perforated Support Core (Back-Up Tube) with a Wire Mesh OverScreen (1975 – 75 microns) for mid-range straining, a Perforated Support Core (Back-Up Tube) with a Filter Sock for fine filtration. A Wedge Wire Strainer Elements are also available for those customers who prefer.

Wedge Wire is available in various slot opening sizes from ¼’’ opening down to 50 microns. Use of a Wedge Wire Element eliminates the need for the Perforated Support/Back-Up Tube and/or a Wire Mesh Over

ISO 9001-2015 Newark Wire Cloth Nadcap 3-A