Industrial Perforated Back-Up Tubes

Item Number Guide

The Perforated Support Cores/ Back-Up Tubes are fabricated using 316L SS sheet. The sheet is punched with either 1/8″ or ¼” diameter holes. There are no partial holes around the edge of the sheet. The punched sheet is rolled using a mandrel to assure a consistent diameter throughout the length of each back-up tube and from one back-up tube to another back-up tube.

The Perforated Support Core/Back-Up Tube must be the proper diameter in order for the Wire Mesh OverScreen to fit properly. The longitudinal seam has a full penetration welded seam running the length of the back-up tube. The seam is ground smooth. The entire back-up tube is ground smooth. The Perforated Support Core/Back-Up Tube is then electro-polished all over so as to ensure that it meets 3A surface finish requirements.

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