Side Inlet Strainers

316L SS – 3A Certified!

  • Capacities: SHORT and LONG
  • Line Sizes: 1.0”, 1.5”, 2.0”, 2.5”,3.0”, and 4.0”
  • Connections: Clamped (standard), I-Line, Bevel Seat, Butt Weld
  • Surface Finish: 25 Ra Internal, 35 Ra Outside
  • Duplex Arrangements Available

Available with any one of (5) media options:

  • Perforated Back-Up Tube: (1/8″ dia holes or ¼” dia hole)
  • Wire Mesh OverScreens: 12 – 200 mesh STOCK
  • SANIWEDGE Wedge Wire Element: Slot openings to 50 microns!
  • SKS OverScreen: Like wire mesh, except no wire intersections!
  • Filter Socks: 1000 – 25 microns

Complete assemblies, replacement parts, and Wire Mesh OverScreens – IN STOCK!

Side Inlet Strainer Assemblies

A Standard Strainer Assembly consists of: Side Inlet Filter Body, Top Cover, Perforated Back-Up Tube w/handle, Distributor Cap w/handle, Spring, Clamp and Buna N Clamp Gasket. For additional smaller options and spare parts scroll down.

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Complete Strainer Assembly consists of: Outlet Assembly, Filter Body, Perforated Back-Up Tube, Distributor Cap, Spring, Clamp and Buna N Clamp Gasket.


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