A Complete Guide to Overscreens

Overscreens serve an important purpose in the context of filtering and straining. Those in the food and pharmaceutical industries commonly use overscreens. These screens are an affordable, long-lasting solution for filtering and straining between 74 microns/200 mesh and 1905 microns/10mesh. We are proud to state our high-quality wire mesh overscreens and SKS overscreens are made per the industry’s highest standards.

Wire Mesh Overscreens

Stainless steel mesh


Woven wire mesh overscreens are carefully fabricated and tack welded with the precise use of a welding mandrel to guarantee there is a flawless diameter over the backup-tube (a perforated core). This diameter is commonly referred to as “slip fit”. Each overscreen is individually packaged and labeled with the mesh size and part number. If you require one or several overscreens that are metal mesh, wire mesh, or stainless steel mesh, we will get them to you promptly.

SKS Overscreens

Metal Mesh Screen

There is a difference between the wire mesh overscreens described above and SKS overscreens. SKS is an acronym short for Sanitary Kleen Screen. SKS overscreens are different in that they lack the wire intersections used in metal mesh screens. This means there is no room for products to become caught between the area where the wires intersect. As a result, the use of an SKS overscreen significantly reduces the odds of the product becoming contaminated. This variety of overscreen is made in several different opening sizes as well as multiple open area percentages. The openings range from 100 mesh to 12 mesh.

The material used for SKS overscreens is made with the piercing of a stainless steel sheet with repetition. The result is a product that looks similar to wire mesh yet is not. SKS overscreens are similar to an expanded steel mesh screen yet have comparably small holes. This variety of overscreen is also made with fabrication, tack welding with a welding mandrel, and the slip fit diameter.

Recognize the Utility of Overscreens

Overscreens are carefully made with either diminutive square or rectangular openings in-between wire. These screens are highly flexible, stable, durable, and surprisingly smooth along the surface. Heavy-duty overscreens are commonly used in all sorts of industrial and commercial applications. Businesses in the food, electronic, pharmaceutical, and other industries rely on industrial mesh screens. These overscreens function in unison with inline strainers to form a filter media that prove quite helpful for sanitary purposes.

The best overscreen manufacturers make a litany of sizes that can be interchanged with manufacturer equipment of varying specifications. Furthermore, the overscreen manufacturer you select should provide numerous fine mesh screen sizes to accommodate your unique needs. Our overscreen specialists at SaniClean Strainers are here to help you find the right overscreen for your unique business and its purpose.

Key Takeaways:

  • Overscreens serve an important purpose for a wide variety of businesses in numerous industries
  • Several different types of overscreens are available
  • Overscreens have varying sizes and attributes
  • SaniClean Strainers offers the industry’s best overscreens, strainers and filters

High-Quality Industrial Wire Mesh Products

We have the overscreens your business needs. Reach out to us today to find out more information about our products and place an order. Our team is also available to answer any questions you have about overscreens and how they can help your unique business. You can reach us by dialing (973) 778-4478. If you would like to contact our overscreen specialists by email, send a message to sales@sanicleanstrainers.com. You can also contact our experts online by filling out our convenient online contact form.

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