4 Ways to Maximize Your Manufacturing With Sanitary Strainers

Makers of pharmaceuticals and food must be sure that the manufacturing process includes safeguards that protect against contaminants in the product as well as protecting manufacturing equipment from damage due to foreign materials that are in raw products. To accomplish this, the manufacturing industry depends on wire cloth products for straining and filtration during the manufacturing process and using wire cloth products in the final assembly of many products. Most straining and filtration applications use woven wire cloth. SaniClean Strainers, a Newark Wire Cloth Company brand, help manufacturers reach their full potential in the following 4 ways:

  • They assist in manufacturing optimization and particle separation
  • They promote sanitation for the product and machinery
  • They are cost-effective for better product quality and uniformity as well as protecting other manufacturing equipment.
  • SaniClean Strainers are designed for maximum application flexibility from coarse straining of large particles to medium straining (particles that are 75 to 1905 microns) to filtration of items down to 5 microns.

Maximize Your Manufacturing With Sanitary Strainers
Promoting Sanitation

Newark Wire Cloth Company holds a 3-A Sanitary Standards Inc. (SSI) certificate that is evidence of product safety for consumers of food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals. SaniClean Strainers promote sanitation during the manufacturing process as they are easy to clean with quick disassembly and assembly. Strainers are made of 316L stainless steel that prevents corrosion. Other rust-proof alloys are available for use with highly corrosive fluids.

Manufacturing Optimization and Particle Separation

Foods, cosmetics, and drugs aren’t the only manufacturing processes that require straining. Chemicals, paints, housecleaning products and more need to strain out impurities before they can be purchased. Large particle contaminants often have a negative impact on product usability. It simply won’t do to have a paint finish spoiled by a large particle contaminant. Beauty products such as shampoo or hair conditioner also strive for uniformity in particulate matter and SaniClean Strainers get this job done.

Maximize Your Manufacturing With Sanitary Strainers-2Equipment Protection

The United States Food & Drug Administration creates standards governing the manufacturing of food products, cosmetics, and drugs. The standards for production calls for the use of line strainers when processing liquids. The FDA believes that there must be a duplex type of environment for strainers so that while cleaning and inspection of one line take place the other line remains in use. At a minimum, strainers remove debris from liquid lines that can damage other manufacturing machinery such as pumps. Smaller size strainers also utilized to remove impurities and contaminants from the product.

Application Flexibility

From Removing Large Particles (straining) to removing the smallest matter (filtration) SaniClean strainers has the straining device you need. SaniClean products are made with the same attention to quality and durability manufacturers demand. Not only are your finished products remarkably strained, but your equipment is protected from damage caused by debris introduced with raw materials or as a by-product of the manufacturing process.

The Bottom Line

SaniClean Strainers is a complete line of commercial wire cloth strainers and filter products that set high industry standards for the competition. When choosing a sanitary strainer, take the following factors into consideration:

  • 3-A SSI Certification
  • Products that remove or substantially reduces particulate matter from raw fluid material
  • Products are made of 316L stainless steel
  • Rust resistant materials are used for highly caustic environments

Since 1911, Newark Wire Cloth enjoys a reputation as a recognized leader in the wire cloth industry. One important goal of the company is to provide the highest quality wire cloth possible. The Newark Wire Cloth Company is eager to provide you with top-quality wire cloth products at a friendly price. Call today toll free at 800-221-0392 or send an email.

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