9 Advantages to Operating a Duplex Strainer

Duplex strainers are an essential part of the manufacturing production process. Whether in pharmaceuticals or food and beverage manufacturing, duplex strainers save time, improve output and deliver high-quality products to customers.

Here are 9 advantages to operating a duplex strainer.

1. High Degrees of Filtering Flexibility

Often, manufacturers need to ensure that fine particles are removed from their products. A duplex strainer can do this. You’ll want to choose a duplex strainer that best serves the viscosity of your products. You also want to choose a duplex filter solution specifically designed to adjust to different capacities, from slow flow rates to high-volume production outputs.

2. Remove More Particles

An inline duplex strainer will remove more particles or contaminants than a simplex filter, which is a more basic form of protection for pumps and valves. With a duplex strainer solution, your plant can process more product — and gain better control of particulates.

3. Save Time During Processing

With a simplex strainer, your operations are routinely slowed. When a simplex strainer becomes clogged, your production needs to shut down to remove, clean and reinstall the filter. With duplex strainers and a clog monitor, a technician can easily see when a filter needs to be cleaned. They can also switch a valve setting to reroute the flow to the other filter, without shutting down the whole system. Your production lines are disrupted less and operate more efficiently when using a duplex strainer, and a duplex strainer diagram can help illustrate just how much more efficient it can be.

4. Uniform Processing

Straining is often used to remove contaminants, but it also has other useful applications. When you run liquids through strainers, you can break up thicker material into uniform particle sizes. Using a duplex strainer for milk, oils and other products that begin as particles of different sizes, is an effective way to create uniformity in finished products.

9 Advantages to Operating a Duplex Strainer Inline Duplex Strainer

5. Versatility

Duplex strainer systems provide great flexibility for manufacturers producing different product lines. Whether coarse or fine particles are strained, duplex strainers have the ability to work across multiple products quickly. For example, juice manufacturers can easily create different end products with different levels of pulp content.

6. Consistency

Customers and consumers expect products to perform, feel and taste the same each time, especially within the same brand. With duplex strainers, you can ensure high-quality, uniform products in each production run.

7. Diverse Product Sets

Companies like SaniClean Strainers produce a range of products suitable for straining needs. Choosing a company that offers inline strainers, side inlet strainers, basket strainers, over screens, wire elements, perforated backup tubes and filter socks ensures you’ll have everything you will need fit all your production equipment.

8. Varied Applications

Duplex strainers serve many different industries, including food and beverage production, pharmaceuticals, biotech, chemical processing, contract packaging and flavor companies. Chances are, if you need to strain liquids, a duplex strainer is a smart choice for industry.

9 Advantages to Operating a Duplex Strainer Inline Duplex Strainer-2

9. Sturdy Construction

Duplex strainers from SaniClean Strainers are made from 312L stainless steel, designed to provide maximum corrosion resistance. Other corrosion-resistant alloys used in our strainers allow them to be used for straining highly corrosive fluids. They can be easily integrated into existing or new piping configurations.

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Duplex strainers are the smart choice for manufacturing for several reasons:

  • Filtering flexibility
  • Particle removal
  • Saving time
  • Processing uniformity
  • Versatility
  • Range of products
  • Multiple uses
  • Robust construction

For more than 100 years, SaniClean Strainers has delivered high-quality products for manufacturers. Our line of duplex strainer products and accessories helps today’s manufacturers maintain productive, continuous operations 24/7. Whether producing dairy products, canned foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and more, you can depend on our products to reduce production costs and improve output at your facilities. To learn more and schedule a free initial consultation, please contact us today.

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