Guide To Sanitary Strainers

Sanitary Strainers represent process equipment of major importance. Differing from industrial filters, they are finished to 3A standards and specifically designed to filter Beverages, Food and Pharmaceuticals. Product purity is mandatory and Newark Wire Cloths product line of these strainers is legendary.

What Is a Sanitary Strainer? 

Sanitary Strainers are filters of various housing styles commonly used in process piping to 4”. They are set aside from standard strainers as they are polished to meet sanitary standards. Piping is generally Clamped, IDF, or Bevel Seat amongst others. Covers can be Quick Opening or standard. Filter Elements are Basket or Tubular Style depending on the process requirements. They can be Perforated, Mesh, or a combination, as well as Wedge Wire. They are easily removed for cleaning and maintenance or designed for Clean in Place (CIP). Stainless Steel 316L is a standard although other alloys are also available.

Benefits Of Sanitary Strainers

Sanitary Strainers have significant benefits for Food, Pharma and Beverage processing.

  • 3A Certified construction assures product purity while allowing for ease of maintenance and cleaning.
  • Baskets and Tubular Elements can be of a variety of media retaining particulates to 5 Micron and even smaller with special bag filter liners.
  • High Viscosity fluids are accommodated with a minimum pressure differential with backwash capabilities as necessary.

Guide To Sanitary Strainers

Types Of Sanitary Strainers

 Sanitary Strainers are available in various configurations to meet process needs. Inline and side inlet styles are the most common and economical. “RS” (Right Angle “L” ) style (RS) and “Y” models have distinct advantages in many processes. High capacity basket styles are ideal for high flow, high surface area and suitable for a multitude of media. Visit our website for a complete description. 


  • Sanitary Strainers are critical in the processing of Pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverages and designed with various sanitary fittings as required. 
  • Sanitary Strainers are designed to satisfy a multitude of configurations and piping requirements.
  • Sanitary Strainers are manufactured in various styles to suit the products and processes.
  • Sanitary Strainers offers the benefit of easy cleaning and maintaining, either by filter element removal and replacement, or CIP.

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