Ketchup Production Process with SaniClean Strainers

A commercial food strainer is a key component of the ketchup production process. The right industrial strainer can help ensure a sanitary ketchup product, deliver quality control, and protect other essential aspects of production along the way.

Ketchup Processing Equipment

Ketchup is the #1 Condiment in the United States

Ketchup remains the most popular condiment in the United States in terms of volume sold. More than 97 percent of U.S. households have a ketchup bottle in the fridge and more than 10 billion ounces are sold annually. Industrial production to meet this demand can be intense, ensuring a sanitary process that also optimizes lean efficiency is essential.

The right food processing filter can provide manufacturers with a way to meet production demands while also boosting quality control and production capacity. Furthermore, strainers and food-grade sieves are affordable, providing a strong ROI.

Strainers Help Meet Ketchup Demand

The ketchup production process begins with the more than 400,000 acres of tomatoes grown in farms spanning from Florida to California, providing the agriculture infrastructure necessary to create our favorite condiment. Each year more than 14 million tons of tomatoes are grown in the U.S., of which 12 million tons are converted into products such as ketchup, salsa, and soup. Strainers are a key element of the process that turns this massive tomato crop into the ubiquitous ketchup condiment that is now commonplace throughout the United States.

Consumers expect a high level of product quality and uniformity from these ingredients, both of which create challenges for any mass-produced product. Strainers have various roles to play in the ketchup production process to help manufacturers meet these daunting expectations. The right strainer can deliver a sanitized ketchup product while removing large and small unwanted particles.

Strainers are also an affordable addition to the production process that provides the needed product quality control level.

Ketchup Processing Equipment

Strainers Benefit Ketchup Production

Different types of industrial strainers provide unique abilities to supplement and assist the mass production of ketchup. Finding the right strainer for your specific needs can make a world of difference in the production process. Strainers need to be added seamlessly to the production line; thankfully they are designed with a level of application flexibility. The right company should be able to meet your needs and deliver a product that is right for you in every conceivable way.

For example, SaniClean offers various commercial food strainers and small food strainers to meet different needs and come in a wide selection of sizes. Coarse straining uses a perforated back-up tube to remove large particles, while medium straining also uses the perforated back-up tube, it adds a wire mesh over a screen of 75 to 1095 microns.

For fine filtration, SaniClean products offer either a wire mesh overscreen (75-1095 microns) or a sanitary filter sock that takes the screening down to 40 microns. The company also offers wedge wires that can be used instead of the perforated back-up tube. Wedge wire strainers are available down to the 50-micron slot opening.

A good strainer provides the necessary protection to other equipment involved in the production, such as homogenizers, meters, spray nozzles, needle valves, heat exchangers, and pumps. Most importantly, a strainer removes contaminants from the process stream.

Finding The Right Strainers & Filters For Your Needs

For manufacturers, the right ketchup processing equipment can provide numerous benefits to meet consumer demand and expectations, while delivering a mass-produced product that finds its way into nearly every home in America. What can strainers do for you? Strainers provide a wide selection of benefits at a relatively low cost:

  • They promote a sanitized ketchup product
  • Can help optimize manufacturing and particle separation
  • Are a cost-effective way to improve product quality while ensuring uniformity
  • Designed for application flexibility and come in a variety of sizes that allow you to meet whatever need you to have in the production process

SaniClean Strainers are experts in food and beverage filtration. To find out more information about strainers that can help you achieve your production goals, contact us today!

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