Learn How SaniClean Strainers Are Keeping Pests Away

Global demand for pest control services topped $16 billion in 2015 and the market is showing no sign of dissipating, which is positive for manufacturers of pest control products. SaniClean sanitary strainers add value to pest control manufacturing processes, by enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of production, while improving product quality. Understanding the versatility of sanitary strainers is critical for product compliance and competitive advantage in pest control services.

Pest Control Applications

The sophistication of pest control products is evolving given advances in technology and innovation among manufacturers. For instance, companies such as Senestech have developed non-lethal solutions that prevent the spread of rodents, by inhibiting the reproduction process. Fertility controls such as these require careful manufacturing processes. Sanitary strainers give production facilities the capabilities needed to make delicate solutions, while minimizing costs and waste. Solutions that require sorting, measuring and filtration need SaniClean Strainers, to deliver optimal results.

Pest Control Applications

In the production of pest control substances, strainers are used to filtrate fluids, or in testing to discern particle concentrations or even contamination within production runs. Pest control solutions must adhere to thresholds that limit their impact on pests and the environment, which requires precision. That precision comes from the product testing, examination and control of solutions during production, which is where sanitary strainers add the most value. Without a high level of production control, rodents, humans and society are harms risk.

Strainer Features

In addition to precision parts and adherence to strict industry quality and sanitary standards, SaniClean Strainers are easy to clean and have application flexibility. The easy clean feature reduces the labor and maintenance costs associated with maintaining production. Multiple filter media options allow for coarse straining to fine particle filtration, and producers can use a wide range viscosities. This results in fewer capital expenditures and saves time during the setup and breakdown of production equipment. Whether clients opt for an industrial basket strainer, inline strainers or inline basket strainers, they can count on versatility.

Benefits of Sanitary Strainers

Manufacturers can leverage sanitary strainer features to fine-tune their solutions and test product composition. The latitude that product designers have is conducive to innovation, while making research and development easier to manage. Variable production speeds and capacities, along with quality construction and customer choice of strainer materials, give manufacturers the tools they need to develop cutting edge solutions in the pest control services industry. Product support is available through SaniClean Strainers, making it easier to maintain and troubleshoot problems with strainers.

Pest Control

Key benefits include:

  • Small batch to 24/7 continuous production
  • Creeping flow rates to high volume outputs
  • Corrosion resistant alloys available
  • Resistant to highly corrosive fluids
  • Replacement parts and filter media readily available

Summary of Takeaways:

  • Pest control service providers need advanced solutions to reduce pest populations and protect the environment, increasing the need for sanitary strainers in the pest control product manufacturing process.
  • SaniClean Strainers are utilized for sanitary compliance, and there is no limit to strainer applications.
  • Sanitary strainers are easy to clean and come with a variety of filter media, making the strainers versatile once they are installed.
  • Strainers are ideal for small batch runs or 24/7 continuous production depending on the needs of manufacturers.
  • Corrosion resistant materials and components are available for customers to choose from, optimizing the functionality and durability of strainers once installed.

SaniClean Strainers are versatile and have applications in pest control that give manufacturers a viable competitive advantage. Creative operations managers can leverage strainers to increase product quality and reduce defects within the production process. Contact SaniClean Strainers today for more information on sanitary strainers.

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