Side Inlet Strainers

Side inlet strainers are necessary to make sure food, fluids and other products maintain a high level of quality during the processing period when the risk of contamination from other portions of the production process is high. The process of developing and testing new product mixtures becomes a more optimal activity with the use of Side Inlet Strainers.

What Are Side Inlet Strainers?

Side inlet strainers are tools that allow you to more easily strain particles from liquid, gas or steam solutions. These products allow you to determine the particle composition of a substance while performing tests on them to determine if they are adequate for your final product. Additionally, depending on the type of strainer you are using, you can take samples of products thanks to additional attachments and components that can be added to the strainer for a more specific analysis.

Side Inlet Strainer Assembly

The basic Side Inlet Strainer assembly consists of a filter body, top cover, perforated back-up tube, distributor cap, spring, clamp and Buna N Clamp Gasket. Two choices of strainer length include short and long length options. Perforated back-up tube hole diameters range in size from 1/8″ to larger 1/4″ varieties.

What Are The Components of Side Inlet Strainers?

Side inlet strainer assembly occurs successfully once you have added all of the necessary components that fit the function of your particular usage in the laboratory facility.

  1. 1. Filtration Body: Made of stainless steel tubing, it forms one part of the strainer housing unit along with the Top Cover.
  2. 2. Top Cover: 316L SS Solid End Cap that is designed to accommodate the tri clamp gasket.
  3. 3. Clamp: Secures alignment of the tubing and prevents solution leakage.
  4. 4. Perforated Backup Tube With Handle: This is the main component of the filtration system that is attached to the side inlet strainer. The coarse strainer level is standard while additional SKS OverScreens and mesh filter socks are available for finer particulate straining.
  5. 5. Distribution Cap With Handle: It sits at one end of the perforated backup tube and ensures the liquid being processed is flowing through the strainer without bypass.
  6. 6. Tri clamp Gasket: These gaskets are an important part of the sanitary pipeline because they eventually come into contact with hygienic product materials.


Once you have all of the pieces of the side inlet strainer in place and secured, you will be ready to begin your testing, sampling and processing activities.

Applications of the Side Inlet Strainer

Whether you are a food, pharmaceutical or cosmetic industry provider, SaniClean side inlet strainers provide some of the best solutions for developing, testing and producing your products. Side inlet strainers are ideal to use at any stage of production for a variety of uses. Particulate measurements when measuring contamination levels in aqueous substances are the first thing that comes to mind when determining the use of a side inlet strainer in conjunction with the production of your product. Additionally, engineers can use side inlet strainers as part of their quality control processes. Reliable measurement and straining tools can make the difference between producing superior and subpar products.

Maintaining The Side Inlet Strainer

Maintenance of the side inlet strainer is quite easy. Simply disassemble all of the components used during production and take care to use stainless steel cleaning methods to wipe down and sanitize all units involved. Failure to take proper measures to clean strainers can lead to rust as a result of leftover particulate matter being unattended to. Replacement parts are also readily available, however, thanks to SaniClean’s quality assurance guidelines, the chances of needing to replace strainer components are low if proper cleaning methods are put in place.

The side inlet strainer is one of the top tools you can use in your production environment that will result in a higher quality product time and time again. Used by engineers for lean management efficiency, filters are made up of multiple components that can be customized to match what you need.

If you are looking to update product filtration, get in touch with us today. We look forward to helping you out with all of your production filtration needs.

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