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Filter Body (Inline Strainers)

The Filter Body along with the Outlet Assembly comprise the strainer housing assembly. The Filter Body is fabricated using seamless stainless steel tubing. The Filter Body is fitted with a ferrule at both ends; one end allowing for a clamped connection to the Outlet Assembly, and one on the other end allowing for a clamped connection to the process flow inlet. The inside profile of the Filter Body on the process flow inlet end is tapered; allowing the Perforated Back-Up Tube or Wedge Wire Strainer Element to ‘self center’ inside the strainer housing. Interior surfaces of the Filter Body have radiused corners to ensure that it meets 3A requirements. All welds are ground smooth and polished; 25Ra for Interior surfaces, 32Ra for exterior surfaces. All material 316L SS.

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2.5″ Inline Strainer Filter Body (SHORT)
All material 316L SS
Item Number: 5001010


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