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Perforated Support Core / Back Up Tube

Perforated Support Core or Perforated Back-Up Tube is the main internal component within the strainer housing. The Strainer Assembly can be used with the Back-Up Tube by itself for coarse separation, or with a Wire Mesh OverScreen for straining (down to 74 microns), or with a Filter Sock for filtering down to 25 microns. The Perforated Back-Up Tube is punched from 316L SS sheet. The Back-Up tube has solid edge margins at both ends of the tube, and on either side of the longitudinal welded seam. All welds are gound smooth. The Back-Up Tube is electro-polished ensuring a surface finish of 25Ra or better.

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3.0″ Perforated Support Core / Back-Up Tube (1/4″ dia holes) with Filter Sock installed using Retaining Rings on each end of filter.

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Choose an option, PERFORATED CORE OR BACK-UP TUBE WITH 1/4'' (0.250'') DIA HOLES