Sanitary Strainers for Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, and other critical applications.

Manufacturing a complete line of sanitary strainers, complete assemblies, replacement parts, and filter media.

SaniClean Strainers are suitable for a wide range of applications, from small batch runs to 24/7 continuous production cycles. Our strainers are available in varying capacities from creeping flow rates to high volume production outputs. They can be easily integrated into existing or new piping configurations. Standard material of construction is 316L; other corrosion resistant alloys are available for handling highly corrosive fluids.

Product features -

  • Easy to Clean - Quick to Disassemble! Easy to Assemble!
  • Application Flexibility – from coarse straining to fine particle filtration
  • Available in varying capacities to accommodate a wide range of viscosities.
  • High capacity models available for handling high flow rates; 3.8 s/f (filter area) for a single strainer and 7.6 s/f (filter area) for a duplex set-up.
  • Rugged Construction - withstands the rigors of the most demanding production cycles.


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