7 Industrial Uses for Industrial Basket Strainers

Industrial basket strainers are made to remove solids from liquids that are being processed. They are made of a wide variety of alloys, so the right material can be chosen to meet the demands of the filtration job. These strainers are also extra-strong, so that they can operate at full line pressure even under high volumes and long run times.

Applications for Industrial Basket Strainers

Food Production

Whether a plant produces fruit juice, requires large quantities of pure water, or makes maple syrup, it needs to be able to remove solids from the main liquid. Depending on the source of the liquid, the solids may be as big as stray plant stems or as small as mineral particles. The mesh size of the strainer is chosen according to what needs to be taken out of the liquid stream.

Often, multiple strainers are used in food production applications. In these cases, the wider mesh is used first so that the finer mesh isn’t quickly clogged by overly-large particles and debris. By running the strainers serially, a sufficiently-pure end result can be attained with the final straining.


All medicines must be pure in order to pass FDA requirements, but those requirements change depending on key factors. One of the most important factors is the route of administration. Injectables must be free of all particulate matter so that they do not cause clots and other distress in patients. Our pharmaceutical-grade SaniClean Strainers products are 3A-certified.  Plus, we have meshes available that can guarantee there are no unwanted particles in your product.

Industrial strainer

Other Medical Uses

Many facilities need to have pure water available for use during surgery and other procedures. Installing a 3A-certified strainer is the easiest way to have this water on tap and eliminate the need to use jugs from outside suppliers. Other pure-liquid needs are also possible to satisfy on-site with the right types of strainers.

Power Generation

The power generation industry requires water to be filtered after ion exchange in order to protect the equipment used in downstream processes. Quality industrial basket strainers and process strainers make it possible to do this while keeping up with the demands of large power plants.

Military Uses

Navy ships use a variety of basket strainers to keep everything running smoothly. Straining and filtration are essential from the cooling for weapons systems to the oil used by the engine.


Large farms can’t just turn on the hose when it’s time to water the plants. Instead, incoming water is pulled through industrial strainers to keep sand, rocks, and other foreign objects from getting into sensitive pump parts. This allows farms to use water sources like on-site ponds and catchment basins to supplement or meet their irrigation needs.

Automotive Fluid Production

Cars and trucks need a wide variety of fluids to keep running well, and all of them must be free of contaminants at the time of installation in order to avoid damage to sensitive parts. Makers of motor oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid, and brake fluid all must use strainers to ensure that lack of contaminants. Since the most common conical strainer uses involve putting them in pipelines, they are quite popular in these industries.

Conical strainer uses

There’s a Strainer Designed for Your Needs

  • 3A strainers are essential to the sanitary production of food and pharmaceuticals
  • Strainers are often used to prolong the life of fluids
  • Straining protects downstream equipment in multi-stage operations
  • Fluid manufacturers use strainers to ensure that their products start out clean

Here at SaniClean Strainers, we produce a wide variety of high-quality industrial basket strainers to meet every need. Whether you want to keep your food pure or simply prevent your irrigation pump from getting rocks in its impeller, give us a call today at (800) 221-0392. We’ll be glad to help you choose the perfect industrial strainer for your needs.

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