How SaniClean Strainers Helps Bakeries

Bakeries deliver many bread products that are staples of the American diet. From loaves of sandwich bread to dinner rolls and sweets from donuts to cakes, even the smallest bakeries stay pretty busy. Creating all those delicious edibles, however, requires some work, and being busy means needing equipment that works.

In every kitchen, a baker is only as good as his tools. Just ask a top baker to make a perfectly browned and evenly cooked loaf of bread with a faulty oven, it’ll cook unevenly. The same goes for all the equipment in a kitchen, from mixers to dispensers, and even strainers. Fortunately, when it comes to getting the highest quality strainers, from a fine mesh strainer to a specific baking strainer, SaniClean Strainers is there to help.

Fine mesh strainer, baking strainer, stainless steel strainer

Made with Love and the Little Things

Chefs and bakers are creators and artists. They bake and cook food made with love. And that love for their art and their work can be tasted and seen. Another reason that those goods taste so great can be discovered in the little things, which is where SaniClean comes into the kitchen.

Machines, pumps, and other kitchen equipment that requires filters can become clogged, and poor filters can result in less-than quality results. For chefs and bakers, that just isn’t good enough. Since 1911, Newark Wire Cloth, parent and maker of the SaniClean strainer line, has been recognized as a leader in the industry. When little things like strainers count, from the standard stainless steel strainer to a fitted fine mesh strainer, SaniClean has the straining solutions and the filters bakeries need.

Helping Bakeries Succeed

Fine mesh strainer, baking strainer, stainless steel strainer

It doesn’t matter if it is high capacity basket strainers, inline strainers, or even custom made strainers, SaniClean has been helping business like restaurants and bakeries for years by providing them with kitchen and cooking equipment solutions. There is much more that goes into baking bread than sifting flour and without quality strainers, the quality and production of bakeries suffer.

Helping bakeries succeed means offering solutions that make sense, that work, and that help promote the company goals. This can look like strainers for large bakeries that are also affordable. It also means straining systems that are made properly and that get the job done, and it will always look like success.

SaniClean Strainers serves many industries, from the automotive to the medical, and of course companies like bakeries in the food industry. That translates into experience and precision for customers, regardless of what type of business they run because from medical demands to the great tastes that come from bakeries, success begins with quality products and smart solutions.

Key Takeaways:

Does your bakery produce 50 loaves a day or 5,000? Either way, keeping your bakery running and continuing to provide great baked goods takes many working parts.

Some of those parts like strainers and inline strainers also have an impact on bakeries, which can include:

  • Improving quality – the quality of baked goods is improved with good straining systems
  • Increased productivity – strainers and filters that get clogged or don’t work well will slow the production process. Good strainers ensure that bakeries can keep operating at full capacity
  • Cost-effective solutions – it doesn’t matter if it is a specialized strainer or a fine mesh strainer, quality strainers will also extend the life of your kitchen equipment, and that will also save bakeries money in the long run

If you are looking for strainers, from a baking strainer to a stainless steel strainer, contact SaniClean Strainers and get cooking today. They’ve been helping bakeries succeed with reliable and effective strainer solutions for more than one hundred years, one loaf at a time.

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