Beefing Up the Quality of Basket Strainers in Meat Processing Plants

The need for reliable, high-quality strainers in meat processing plants is of the utmost importance. Meat processing equipment manufacturers use sanitary strainers to help ensure product uniformity and quality. All strainers, meat grinders and meat processing tools are made from various grades of stainless steel as the process dictates. However, the experts at SaniClean also offer other types of corrosion-resistant alloys that can be used for instances of processing highly corrosive fluids.

While there are multiple types of strainers, not all industrial food strainers are created equally. In fact, certain strainers — basket strainers — are uniquely designed for meat processing equipment manufacturers and meat processing products. Let’s take a closer look at basket strainers and what makes SaniClean’s industrial food strainers unique.

Basket Strainers Are Vital Meat Processing Tools

Basket strainers are designed and engineered to remove particulate matter out of streams and processes. These are larger strainers constructed to perform exceptionally well in meat manufacturing equipment where smaller strainers would result in higher process pressure drops and shorter run times.  Basket strainers help meat manufacturers protect product integrity and increase productivity.

In addition to straining out large amounts of particulate, basket strainers achieve this goal without frequent runtime interruptions. The larger surface of a basket strainer allows it to remain functional and operational longer than smaller strainers that would require nearly constant cleaning and frequently become clogged.

Basket Strainers Are Vital Meat Processing Tools

SaniClean Basket Strainers

At SaniClean, we create high-quality basket commercial food strainers for the meat processing industry. No matter which basket strainer you choose, you’ll enjoy ample flexibility and versatility. Our industrial food strainers are offered in an array of sizes with standard surface areas spanning from .5 up to 4.5 square feet. Basket strainers are designed as Style R (shown above), and Style S which has a side inlet and outlet with a bottom drain. 

These versatile meat processing tools are adaptable to provide fine, medium and coarse filtration levels with filter elements of Perforated, Wire Mesh and Wedge Wire as well as Synthetic Filter Socks. 

Easy-to-Use Meat Processing Products

Processing meat is a critical, high-quality processFor this reason, we infuse advanced ergonomics into our basket strainer meat processing products. In the process of designing our basket strainers, we made ease of removal and installation primary attributes

The innovative quick release handle works to keep the strainer baskets completely seated against the machined neckline of the housing. Whether it’s beef, pork, poultry or any other type of meat, this design helps ensure it doesn’t bypass your basket strainer assembly., This design allows for quick installation and removal. These innovative handles allow you to quickly gain full access to the interior of the strainer for replacement, inspection and cleaning of the filter basket

Uniquely Useful Features on SaniClean Basket Strainers

In addition to the previously mentioned features, basket strainers offer a range of attributes that make them highly desirable

  • Basket strainers are available in a dual or single configuration.
  • Changing from a contaminated basket strainer to a clean one is easy and quick, reducing downtime.
  • The strainer basket is easily cleaned, removed and replaced without ever breaking the piping connection.
  • Strainer housings can be jacketed to accommodate high-temperature processing.
  • Every SaniClean basket strainer comes equipped with a top cover port as a pressure relief valve or other types of monitoring gauge to ensure safer operations.

Key Takeaways

  • Basket strainers are uniquely designed for meat processing manufacturers and meat processing products. They help protect product integrity and increase productivity.
  • High Capacity Basket Strainers are larger meat processing tools constructed to perform where smaller strainers would cause backups.
  • Each basket strainer engineered by SaniClean boasts exceptional flexibility and are available in a range of sizes with standard surface areas ranging from .5 up to 4.5 square feet.
  • All baskets are infused with ergonomics and offer handles designed to make cleaning, removing and replacing an effortless affair.

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SaniClean Strainers produce a complete offering of sanitary 3A certified commercial food strainers for any meat processing equipment manufacturer. We also offer replacement parts, assemblies and food processing filters for a vast range of meat processing applications. Each industrial food strainer is engineered to deliver exceptional performance and unparalleled durability in the most rigorous environments. They are easy to integrate into existing or new piping configurations and easy to clean. 

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