Which Strainer is Best for the Pharmaceutical Industry?

Precision, design and function are critical for pharmaceutical manufacturing. When it comes to choosing the strainers your pharma company needs for success, you want products that are fine-crafted, reliable and durable.

At SaniClean Strainers, we deliver a full range of strainers for various pharmaceutical production processes.

Advantages of Using Quality Pharmaceutical Strainers

Why are reliable, well-made, precise and durable industrial strainers so necessary for pharmaceutical production?

Sanitary strainers, wedge wire strainer, sanitary inline filter, sanitary dash basket strainer

Among the top reasons:

  • Regulatory Mandates. The U.S Food and Drug Administration and other bodies have strict controls and guidelines regarding the production of pharmaceutical products. Failure to comply with these mandates can lead to fines and sanctions. If a recall is necessary due to a production error, the potential loss of revenue and reputation is significant.
  • Industry Standards. The FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations and American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ bioprocessing standards have exacting standards for equipment used in pharmaceutical production.
  • Better Products. With strainers that accurately remove the needed particles, your end products are of better quality. During quality control checks, there’ll be less wastage and repeated work. You’ll end up with uniform products in each batch.
  • Applicability. SaniClean Strainers products can be used in multiple pharma processes, including as parts of centrifuges, separators or other manufacturing functions for coarse and medium straining and fine filtration processes.
  • Reliability. Operational efficiency is essential for pharmaceutical businesses. This means having equipment that is sturdy, built to last and in good working order. SaniClean filters are typically made of 316L stainless steel, though other corrosion-resistant alloys are available. Your wedge wire strainer is built to last and easy to disassemble and clean.

Options for the Pharma Industry

Sanitary strainers, wedge wire strainer, sanitary inline filter, sanitary dash basket strainer

SaniClean Strainers carries a complete line of sanitary strainers for the pharmaceutical industry. Here is a closer look at each:

  • Inline. For many sanitary operations in pharma production, a sanitary inline filter is a popular choice. They’re usually longer than other strainers and are placed with a strainer basket parallel to the line of flow. For pharmaceutical companies, inline strainers remove unwanted solid particles from liquid, gas or steam lines. SaniClean inline strainers come in long and short capacities with line lengths from 1-4 inches. For some straining processes, a wire mesh overscreen may be required.
  • Side Inlet. A side inlet strainer offers one major advantage over others. They perform the same particle-removing properties as their inline counterparts. However, these devices are constructed so that the strainer housing does not need to be removed from the streaming line in order to clean the strainer element itself. Your operations can be more productive and efficient with less downtime for maintenance. SaniClear side inlet strainers also come in long and short capacities with line lengths of 1-4 inches.
  • Basket. When you have a high-volume production process where particulates need to be removed, a sanitary basket strainer is often the optimal solution. These larger strainers are designed for such pharmaceutical production processes where narrower strainers would cause too many backups. SaniClean Strainers’ line of basket strainers meets multiple needs. Our strainers can be piped in simplex or duplex configurations and in capacities of 0.8 square feet to 3.8 square feet.
  • Duplex. Y-type strainers, RS side inlet strainers and high-capacity basket strainers are available in duplex configurations. These configurations provide for continuous operations, either as manual systems or fully automated solutions. Automated systems can be controlled by the operator inputs managing flow, switching or backwash at predetermined pressure differentials.

In summary, SaniClean strainers are a good choice due to:

  • Construction that meets government and industry standards
  • Flexible use across pharmaceutical processes
  • Reliable, high-quality craftsmanship
  • Variety. SaniClean offers a full range of strainers, including inline, side inlet, basket and duplex

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