Which High Capacity Basket Strainer is Right for Me?

High capacity basket strainers play a vital role in many different production operations, mostly due to their ability to keep up with high-volume production. Juice processors, breweries, soup makers, and other manufacturers rely on these types of strainers to churn out the best possible product. Basket strainers are versatile and work with a wide variety of line sizes, allowing for fast restocking and minimal downtime. It is also possible to get custom-made strainers — so they’ll improve your processes no matter the production environment in which you operate.

Strainer Basket Options

Pipeline basket strainer

This perforated basket is ideal if your operation involves removing large particles from liquid. This strainer comes with 1/4-inch holes as standard, and is great for things like removing large chunks of tomato from a sauce.

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Wire Mesh Liner Basket

These strainers are ideal for finer filtration. These can be selected to filter anywhere from 1975 to 75 microns. The wide range of available mesh sizes makes it easy to get the perfect strainer to fit your production needs.  If you are expecting to process the same product for an extended period of time, wire mesh liner baskets will be your best bet.

Wedge Wire Strainer Baskets

If you’re focused on flavor and consistency, these strainers are most suited for your production needs. Wedge wire strainer baskets are precise and uniform. Their qualities make them ideal for beverage production, which is why they are a favorite of brewers and similar companies. Our wedge wire options are available with slot sizes down to 50 microns.

Filter Bags

Those who need to be able to quickly switch from one product type or specification to another may prefer filter bags. These disposable bags are made of a variety of materials, so you can choose the fabric that works best with your product. They can filter between 1000 and 25 microns.

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Hardware Aspects

If your facility is already in operation, you’ll need to choose high capacity basket strainer filters that fit your existing equipment. We have standardized models that fit various pipeline sizes; a choice of clamped, I-line, bevel seat, and butt-weld models, and basket capacities ranging from 1.7 s/f to 3.8 s/f.

Those who manage facilities with custom-made equipment may find that none of the standard options will fit quite right. If this describes your plant, you don’t have to worry. We offer custom manufacturing services, so we can produce the high capacity basket strainers that will work perfectly with your existing hardware.

If you’re adding facility capacity, or are just building your processing center, you have the perfect chance to make sure that everything will meet your needs exactly. In that case, be sure to talk to our consultants. We can offer advice that will save you time, trouble, and money once your new facility comes online. We have experience with customers in many industries, so we can help you decide what will filters and solutions work best from you.

Key Takeaways

  • The filtration medium is one of the most important parts of a strainer.
  • Examples of strainers include perforated baskets, wire mesh, wedge wire, and filter bags.
  • Your industrial basket strainer needs to fit the rest of your equipment. We offer many choices to make it easy to get the right one.
  • Custom solutions are available if none of the standard ones are compatible.

To learn more about our sanitary basket strainers, just give us a call here at SaniClean Strainers. We’ll be glad to help you choose the right one for your facility.

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