Perforated Strainer Baskets for either the #863 or #450 Strainer/Filter Housings.

  • ‘Standard’ perforated basket has ¼” dia. holes.
  • Perforated Strainer Basket is fitted with a heavy machined flange. Machined flange allows for a O-Ring seal between the OD of the basket and the ID of the strainer housing. The ID of the machined flange is machined to accept a Quick Release Handle.
  • #863 Perforated Strainer Baskets are available in (2) styles –
    • ‘Flat’ Bottom – able to withstand 50# PSI
    • ‘Truncated’ Conical Bottom – able to withstand 125# PSI
  • #450 Perforated Strainer Baskets are available with a ‘Flat” bottom only.
  • All welds are ground smooth and blended. Entire Strainer Basket is polished to 25 Ra.
  • All material 316L SS.

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