For processing applications which specify other than standard Perforated Strainer Basket, SaniClean Basket Strainers are also available with a Wedge Wire Strainer Basket.

Wedge Wire Strainer Baskets are available for all SaniClean Basket Strainers. They are fabricated, as shown above with a Reverse Formed Wedge Wire Strainer element, or with the Inverted Wrap strainer element style. The Inverted Wrap strainer element construction alternative is used when the strainer basket’s diameter is too small to use the standard Reverse Formed construction style.

Wedge Wire Strainer Baskets can be fabricated to accommodate higher pressure drop applications. By using a heavier profile wire and or support wire the burst strength of the wedge wire element can be increased. Using heavier profile wires will affect the resulting open area of the strainer element. Please consult us concerning your specific application.

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