Basket Strainers

  • Available in 1” thru 4” line sizes
  • Available in capacities from 0.4 s/f to 3.8 s/f
  • Housings can accommodate standard filter bag sizes (1,2,3,4,7,8,9)
  • Strainer Housing can be fabricated to suit different piping configurations –
    • Side Inlet / Bottom Drain (Style R)
    • Side Inlet / Side Outlet / Bottom Drain (Style S)
    • Side Inlet & Side Outlet - on same side of housing / Bottom Drain (for Duplex applications)
  • Application Flexibility:
    • Coarse (Perforated)
    • Medium (Wire Mesh Liner basket)
    • Fine Filtration (Filter Bags)
    • Wedge Wire
  • Basket flanges are machined for a perfect fit and employ an O-ring for optimal seal performance.
  • Our strainer baskets feature the quick release handle for ease of assembly.
  • Clamped connections are standard; also available in I-Line and Bevel Seat configurations
  • All sanitary construction; crevice free and polished
  • Custom Strainers available

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